Marketing for Expert Witnesses

Expert Communications provides professional marketing services specifically designed for expert witnesses.

As an expert witness, you have probably asked yourself one or more of the following questions:

The originator of expert legal marketing, Expert Communications has a proven track record of successfully helping expert witnesses effectively communicate their value and availability to attorneys, without damaging their credibility.

How We Work

We start by reviewing your expertise, marketing efforts and branding, then develop a strategy for increasing your visibility and market share. Finally, we can implement your day-to-day marketing activities, or coach you to do it yourself.


A thorough review and analysis of what you’re currently doing and your potential.

  • Review and analyze your current marketing including a critique of existing advertising
  • Edit CV, engagement documents and other materials
  • Review your website
  • Evaluate your positioning with your competition and review your rates

Then, we will provide you recommendations and a personalized strategy.

  •  Ideas for the expression of your unique message, sometimes called branding or identity
  • Advise on whether/where to advertise, what works and what doesn’t
  • Suggest networking and publicity actions
  • Practical suggestions that you can take immediately to increase your visibility


With our strategy in place, you can delegate your marketing work too.

  • Create your website. Our turnkey service includes organization, writing/editing (wordsmithing is our specialty), design and coding. Or, we can update, fine-tune, and  search engine optimize your existing site.
  • After having determined whether and where you should advertise, compose and place directory listings and/or advertising. Often we maximize the value of a client’s existing advertising by revising content, indexes and keywords.

Let’s get started

“I have renewed the three listing services you recommended. As you predicted the inquiries and work have grown exponentially so that I am getting at least one call a week from all over the country. They all mention how impressive my resume is, which I attribute to your editing.”