Grow your expert witness practice

Expert Communications provides professional marketing services specifically designed for expert witnesses.

If you are a medical-legal expert, CPA/financial advisor, vocational rehabilitation counselor, forensic engineering expert, or expert in another field, we can help you get more clients and cases. Expert witnesses are experts at their own professions; they are not expected to be experts at marketing.

We can coach you in doing your own marketing, or we can do it for you.


Review and analyze your current marketing materials and efforts, then provide you recommendations and a personalized strategy.


Let us handle your marketing operations including: upgrading your CV and other marketing and engagement materials; developing and optimizing your web site; creating and placing ads or directory listings, etc.

Improve your bottom line

We can help you, just like the other experts we’ve helped.

  • Enlarge your marketing share and enhance your reputation
  • Create a web site that works for you
  • Reduce advertising budget with more effective ad strategies
  • Improve engagement policies, retainer agreements and collection procedures
  • Reduce stress by eliminating cross-examination vulnerabilities points

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“You have helped me make my firm very visible. So far revenue is up more than 40% over last year, and net income up even more than that. I want to thank you for all your valuable advice over the years that has helped put my firm in such an enviable situation.”

—Financial Expert