...from Happy Clients

Dear Rosalie,

All I can say is...      
...Glory be to the mentor.

I don’t know if I ever told you, but before I called you in November 20__, I had accumulated a pile of papers about “forensic [area of expertise]” over the previous 4-year period.  I felt like I wanted to pursue it but didn’t know how, and I refused to take it off my desk for fear that I would pass up an opportunity.  Finally, that Thanksgiving is when I started surfing the Internet looking for “a clue”...and that’s when I found you.  The rest has been history in the making.

God gave me the talent, but He used you as the mentor to teach me the ropes.  I will NEVER forget the value that you brought to me that established the baseline for what I have been able to do.

—Medical Specialty Expert

I recently completed an assignment that I received by the client searching on the Internet and locating my website.  Your optimization definitely is at work; thanks so much!

—Business Specialty Expert

Rosalie, thanks for the warning.  It’s wonderful to have an Expert's Expert to consult on these marketing matters.

—Vocational Rehabilitation Expert


You provide some very useful information.  I just wanted to give you some feedback.  I have been following the advice in Rosalie's marketing book and in the emails for more than a year.  Rosalie consulted on my web site as well.  So far, my consulting practice has grown exponentially.  Expert Communications has greatly aided this growth (along with a lot of hard work and persistence).  Thanks very much.

—Financial Expert

You helped us tremendously in getting our materials right and our audience outlined.

—Disability Services Consultant

I am totally impressed with your ability to get down to the detail of the analysis!  I realize your value in analyzing my marketing and deciding what I need to do, but it’s amazing that you get this detailed [in editing and organizing the website and writing the search engine optimization for the site].

—Business Specialty Expert

I really like it! (website)  It looks high-quality, it looks professional.  And my wife likes it!  It’s exactly what it needs to look like.

—Medical Doctor

We just had a new RECORD month in February, not just beating but shattering the previous record month of $X! Not bad considering it was a 28-day month as compared to the previous record, which was a 31-day month.  See what an animal YOU created!

—Medical-related Specialist

I wanted to give you a pat on the back and let you know that since I have implemented the techniques I learned in your book and in your seminar, I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger in a blizzard.  Thanks for all your great advice and insight. 

—Aviation Accident Expert

I am extremely pleased with the changes you made to my website, how it looks, and the timeliness of the service.

—Real Estate Finance Expert

No little detail goes untouched. Everything is thought out and carefully planned. She is absolutely ‘the expert’s expert.’

—Trucking Expert

Your presentation gave me new ideas and has me discarding some unproductive marketing techniques.

—Banking Consultant

I got an attorney call (and case!) the week Rosalie finished my site!

—Marine Safety Expert

We wouldn’t advertise in any publication without running it by Rosalie first. She knows and keeps up with which ones work.

You are truly the ”Expert to the Experts.” Your professional service helped me realize that I needed marketing assistance to take my company to the next level. I would, without hesitation, recommend you to all professional consultants and expert witnesses, whether they practice on a regional or international basis.

—Metal Roofing Consultant

Fantastic article! It caused me to evaluate my own marketing and see specifics to improve.  Thank you for including me in your communication!


Thank you so very much for a wonderful marketing clinic. Your ideas were so stimulating and they started me thinking about trying new approaches - even ‘cold" calling!’

—Legal Nurse Consultant

Thank you for taking so much time with me this morning.  Your careful and thoughtful analysis of who I am, and who I am not, is comforting though I'm sure it isn't easy. I continue to look forward to our working together.

—Commercial Real Estate Expert

When an attorney called, we knew exactly what to ask and what to say.

—Disability Services Expert

Just to let you know I have already had five calls re my expert opinion since the website went up (a month ago). I am delighted. I ask each caller how they got my name and almost all have said the Internet but most are not exactly sure how. I did make the mistake of giving one attorney too much free info (just before your newsletter on that subject) and haven't heard from him since!!! I will try not to make that mistake again!  Thanks again.

—Medical Doctor

Dear Rosalie:  This is just an overdue note to thank you for the work that you did on my CV. Thanks to you, I now have a CV that I can be proud of.  For the first time in my professional life, I feel that I have a CV that will stand up to the scrutiny of the big dogs.

—Technical Expert

Thanks, Rosalie.  I always appreciate your insights and suggestions.  They help my bank account.

—Insurance Expert

I was a very successful international marketer of industrial manufacturing systems, but I had to admit to being a novice when it came to marketing a one-person service to a new a new target audience. My litigation-related business increased dramatically after investing in your professional assistance. Before that I had wasted a couple of years missing prospective clients while relying on a web page designed by a local yokel.

We, who expect others to pay us as consultants, can and do benefit from hiring consultants.

The cost of hiring you as a consultant has paid me great dividends. I encourage do-it-yourself expert witness marketers out there to hire you and stop wasting their careers, time and resources.

—Engineering Expert

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I wish this book had been written 30 years ago. Its valuable wealth of information took me 20 years and a lot of hard knocks to get. Simply invaluable.

—Dan Jackson, SPA, CMC, CFE

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